How to use the plugin

Examples of games are inserted into posts or pages using shortcodesDaphne WP plugin is using a shortcode with the name daphne_create_game. Parameters of the plugin’s shortcode are the following:

  •  id  is the mandatory parameter containing an identification number of a game or an example. This number is generated by the administration part of the plugin and can be found in the list of PDN games.
  • theme  is an optional parameter setting a theme of the checkers board. The allowed values are classic (classic theme), marble (marble theme), black-and-white (black-and-white theme), green (green theme) and light (light theme). The default value is classic.
  • align  expresses a form how the checkers board is aligned in a page or a post towards text. The allowed values are left, center and right. The default value of the parameter is left.
  • width – is an optional parameter indicating the width of the checkers board in pixels. The default value is 640 pixels. The height of the checkers board cannot be specified explicitly, it is calculated automatically according to the selected width using this parameter.
  • mode – is an optional parameter specifying the mode of the checkers board. Value replay is for the replay mode of a game, value tutorial switches the checkers board into the interactive tutorial mode for teaching a position specified by id parameter.

Now have a look at some examples of using the plugin for inserting games. The first demonstration is an example of endgame position of three kings against one in Czech draughts. The following shortcode syntax is used: daphne_create_game id=1 width=450 align=”center” mode=”tutorial” ]]

[daphne_create_game id=1 width=450 align=”center” mode=”tutorial” ]


The next demonstration is a complete PDN game of Czech draughts. The shortcode syntax is as follows: daphne_create_game id=4 width=520 align=”center” theme=”green” ]]

[daphne_create_game id=4 width=520 align=”center” theme=”green” ]