Administration of PDN games

After the activation of the Daphne WP plugin, there is created the following menu in the administration part of the WordPress system:

In the menu displayed in the image above there are two menu items, one to show the list of PDN games, the other is used to create a completely new game.

After the selection of the first menu item the following list of games is shown displaying all PDN games saved in the WordPress database:

In the first column there are control buttons to edit or delete a single game. Further there is an identification number of a PDN game which is used to reference this game in a shortcode to insert checkers board into a page or a post.

The other columns that follow are a name of a game, which should serve only for a better orientation of the user, and a PDN notation of this game or game position.

For the insertion process of a game there is displayed the following form:

In the form above it is enough to fill in a name of a game, then enter its PDN notation and click the Update button. Then the plugin will generate an identification number which should be used to reference this game in the shortcode in a post or a page to insert it.